Outfit for a mountain wedding

In spring 2018 I worked with a project to design and sew a complete outfit for an outdoor wedding that would be held in the mountains of Jämtland in summer 2018. Both bride and groom were to be dressed in outdoor appropriate clothing, still dressed up for wedding. 


I posted pictures throughout the whole design process, from sketch to final piece.

Have a look!



Photo: Simon Bo Silverdahl



Heavy cotton weave and waterproof shell-layers are not often synonyms for wedding couture. But in this case it is. Starting with the fabrics, these outfits will be sewn in heavy-duty cotton for pants and skirt. Jackets will work as waterproof shellayers and the groom's shirt will be made of fine wool. All suitable for outdoor life. 

The type of garments also have to be suitable for the outdoors, therefore the inspiration comes from outdoor clothing. Trying to make them a bit cleaner still playful and not too stiff. 

Coulors are dark blues, grays and moon white. 




Constructing a pattern is like drawing a three dimensional puzzle due to the proportions of a specific body. Every sketch turns into templates for how each and every piece of textile will be cut.


All pictures below show patterns of the bride's jacket.



In between pattern construction and sewing, I firstly have to pay great attention while cutting the fabrics. Stretch and the direction of threads play a big role in the final performance of the garment. In this picture below, you see all 50 pieces needed for sewing the grooms pants.



And so, after several testings to ensure a perfect fit, this design project came to an end. The outdoor wedding outfit consists of 7 pieces. The groom is dressed in pants made of heavy duty cotton weave and stretch fabric. The shirt is made of fine merino wool and on top of this he wears a jacket made of shell fabric.

Photographer: Simon Bo Silverdahl

The bride is dressed in a form fitted jersey top with a wide neckline. The wrap around skirt is made of the same type of cotton weave as her matching outdoor pants. The skirt and the jacket both have an exclusive lining made of viscose. If warm weather, the bride can preferably skip wearing the pants, as well as the jacket. The couple will surely be equipped for any variation of the unpredictable weather in the Swedish mountains on their wedding day.

To be married in August 2018.