Emelie Jägerström

"Explore your backyard!"

In my backyard I find trails where I run along rocky hillsides and bike through deep forests. But in my backyard I also find endless paths of creativity. It is in the the power of my surroundings that I refuel my inspiration. It could be the forests of Skaraborg, the streets of Gothenburgh, the mountainside of Åre or the hills of Scotland, to name the places I have lived at over the last years. Inspiration is energy. I find mine just around the corner. You could say it is my outdoor philosophy. No matter where you are - explore your backyard! 


I graduated Engineering in Design and Product Development at Chalmers University of Technology in spring 2016. In my third year I did a trimester of exchange studies at Napier University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Finally, I did my thesis work at Houdini Sportswear, developing a product within the field of repair.

After Chalmers I studied two years of fashion design at Axevalla Fhsk, to gain more knowledge and practice in fabrics, sewing and pattern construction. Shorter internships were practiced during spring 2017 at Åre Syverkstad and Klättermusen. Alongside with this, I worked with product and business development within repair of outdoor clothing as well as designing and sewing outdoor wedding clothes.

In 2019 I worked as a Design Engineer at Thule in a project where we design and construct a new child carrier for use in both outdoor and urban contexts.

In 2020 I started teaching fashion design at Axevalla Folkhögskola.

Welcome to browse pictures of some of my finished works and projects!

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Studio photography

Gustav Torstensson


Photographs of the outdoor wedding outfit

Simon Bo Silverdahl

Sweet Media www.vimeo.com/user799559 

Product photography on Svalbard

Sofi Wennstig


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